07-22-14 Army Band 2The ASI Community Center and Park is available for rent when no other activity is scheduled for use in the facility.
The key for the building will be available for pick up the day prior to the event, time being coordinated through the Executive Director, Bryan Hardy. The key must be left on the kitchen counter inside the Community Center at the end of the event unless previous arrangements have been made.

Rental fees:
Monday through Friday – $100 per day
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays – $150 per day
Rentals are based on a minimum of 4 hours
A $75 security deposit is required upon execution of a rental agreement. $60 of that fee will be returned to the renter after the event, provided the premise has been left cleaned and no damage is evident.
Members of ASI are privileged to a 10% discount of the above rates.
Long-term rentals by non-profit organization / community clubs / business meetings are subject to a per meeting fee based on the number of meetings per year and based on availability. Rental fees per meeting will be negotiable. A rental agreement will be signed for all long-term rentals. Rental fees are set for one year and renewable annually.
If you prefer, you can also conveniently complete your rental payment through online transactions. For further questions or to rent the facility, please call 231-350-8835

Rental Fee: Renter agrees to pay Area Seniors, Inc. both a deposit and a Rental Fee. A $75.00 security deposit fee is due upon execution of this Agreement. Sixty dollars ($60.00) of that fee will be returned to the renter after rental, provided the premise has been cleaned and no damage is evident. The Rental Fee is due no later than seven (7) days prior to the Rental Date set forth in this Agreement. The Rental Fee is in the amount of $100.00 Monday through Friday and $150.00 Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. Minimum rent of $100.00 / $150.00 is for 4 hours.

Limitation of Liability: Area Seniors, Inc., its board members, members, and employees shall not in any manner be held responsible or liable for the safety, health, or well-being of any person(s) arising out of the use and/or operation of the Senior Activity Center, Park, Hallways, Corridors, Parking lot, or any and all other facilities on the property of Area Seniors, Inc. or for the activities of Renter and/or Renter’s guests and invitees.

Responsibility of renter:

1. Renter is responsible for cleaning the Senior Activity Center and Park after the event and leave it in the same condition it was entrusted.
2. Renter is responsible for all decorations and décor being removed at the end of the Rental Event. NO tacks, NO nails, and NO staples shall be used on the walls, ceilings, floors, or furniture. Only painters tape may be used on walls, etc.
3. Renter is responsible for removing all trash from the premises. Trash bags are to be supplied by renter.
4. Renter is responsible for any and all damage to the building and contents, including any items, furniture or equipment belonging to Area Seniors, Inc.
5. Alcoholic beverages: Alcoholic beverages require an additional insurance rider that must be provided to Area Seniors, Inc. seven (7) days prior to rental of the building. Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold on the premises, which includes inside the building or in any parking area adjoining the building.
6. NO smoking is allowed in the building or 25 feet of its premises or adjacent buildings.
7. Renter is responsible to see that all lights and fans are turned off, windows closed and locked before leaving the premises. All exterior doors must be locked.
8. Renter will be responsible for picking up the key to the building the business day of, or one (1) business day prior to the event. The key shall be returned the following business day after the event.
9. Renter shall not advertise the activity for the rented space which gives the impression the Area Seniors, Inc. is sponsoring the rental event.
10. If this Agreement is breached by the Renter, its patrons, guests, invitees, and others, Area Seniors, Inc. may terminate the Rental Agreements and demand that the rented premises be vacated immediately, without refunding the deposit or rental fee to the Renter.
11. Renter shall be responsible for and reimburse Area Seniors, Inc. within ten (10) days for all lost, stolen, damaged or missing property.
12. Renter shall not conduct, encourage, allow or tolerate any unlawful activities or breach of the public peace.

Miscellaneous Provisions: Renter agrees to the following additional terms and conditions.
Area Seniors, Inc., its board members, members, and employees, assume no liability for the injury to patrons, guests, invitees, or others on the rental property preceding, throughout and following the rental period set forth in this Agreement. Renter shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Area Seniors, Inc., its board members, members, and employees from any and all liability, claim, property damage, personal injury and/or others on the property, arising out of, or during the Rental.

Cancellation: Notice of cancellation must be made at least 30 days prior to the rental date or the security deposit will be forfeited.