Sports Memberships Available!

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Commencing July 1, 2015:  Rates designed to assist in defraying the costs of operating our 501(c)3 non-profit Activity Center & Park.  Proposed and approved at March 11, 2015 Board of Directors meeting.

  • Charges for sports (Pickleball, shuffleboard, Foosball or billiards) are in addition to the standard 2015 membership of $5 per person.
    • $15 sports membership through December 31, 2015
    • Or, $3 per visit charge for non-sport Area Seniors, Inc. membership
    • $5 per visit charge for non-Area Seniors, Inc. patrons
    • Sports membership includes ability to make reservations of play times based on availability

Call Bryan at the office (231) 350-8835 for further information or to purchase your sports membership.

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